The Great Depression reverberated from 1929 until after World War II; to think our Great Recession would be over in a single presidential term goes beyond naive. Our problems are structural, but unlike the 1930s, they are more complex due to the interconnectedness of global economies.

President Obama kept this nation from seeing full economic collapse. But he was hampered by a Congress more interested in defeating him in this election than solving problems affecting millions of Americans. He was stymied by financial influence in our political processes, and with the voices of Chicago school economics in his ear, the structural issues of financial regulation and accountability, education, research funding and infrastructure (which translates to jobs) have not been adequately addressed.

If you think the Republicans will do better, think again; they are content with recycling the same ideology that got us into this mess.

Ignore the dogma about taxes and the size of government; this election is about transformative long-term planning. These problems will not be solved by knee-jerk responses to throw the bums out; they took years to evolve and will take decades to solve. We need to be smarter about whom we elect and we need to be the loudest voice in our representative's ears.

Doug Maukonen Oviedo