Sent to the Orland Sentinal 10/7/2012:

I received my absentee ballot yesterday and was appalled. This is not too unusual. The paucity of candidates, not to mention quality for some offices like state representative and county commission brings me close to despair. What pushed me over are the serious attacks on state law based on established federal law, like the separation of church and state, as well as attacks on those whose duty it is to adjudicate state law, our Florida State Supreme Court justices.

Those behind these initiatives also promote a two faced approach to voter fraud in Florida. This is something which occurs for less than 1 in 100,000 votes cast; thats 0.001%. It should be noted that recounts generally occur at thresholds much greater than 0.001%. These statistics prove voter fraud is a non-issues, but one used repeatedly in this election cycle to disenfranchise minorities and as many of the opposing partys electorate as possible. To top it off there are the questionable voter registration tactics of a firm hired by that same party to turn out the vote  the GOP.

Florida is not alone as many of the same attacks are in play across our country; attacks which threaten our democracy. Something is seriously wrong with the GOP, but these attacks also illustrate something wrong with the electorate when it allows a party which uses tactics like this to gain essentially total power in Florida. Do we really want this party running the country too?